September 27th, 2007


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Well, talk about ridiculous ...

So, I purchased a wig from a store on eBay. I got the package today, customs ticket on the bag says 'wig'. What did I get inside? 4 random DVDs, a romance novel "The Baby Gamble", and a pamphlet on marketing. So, in essence ... complete, utter junk. Is this a fucking joke?

Well, I remembered I purchased 2 wigs at the same time. A week after I PayPal'd for one, the store owner contacted me to say the wig I wanted was no longer available, despite the fact that they had it up for auction and had even relisted it after I missed it the first time. I looked around on the rest of their site for a replacement but didn't find anything so I requested my money back. This package is from that wig sale. I can't imagine why they would waste an envelope and $26.10 worth of stamps to send me complete and utter garbage. I checked my PayPal to see that they had refunded my money, so all should be kosher.

Unless this is something of a "We're sorry", I can't imagine why ANYONE would want these completely useless things. Or perhaps they put the stamps on the envelope and couldn't take them off or reuse the package for something else.

Although I think one of the DVDs stars Gabrielle from Xena ... they're from a company called 'Feature Films for Families'. lilacwire, you're welcome to it :D

Wow. Just ... wow.
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