September 23rd, 2007


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Whoa, has it really been a week? I've lost all track of time lately, and I've been doing a great deal of facebook'ing. So if anyone really wants to know what I've been up to, just go check it out. Before you couldn't get in without a college e-mail. Mine would never work so I gave up. But apparently that's changed a bit. It's not quite a blog, so I'll still be using my LJ and all that. Don't delete me from your friends pages just yet ;_;

My old high school bowling buddy Sam and I went to Six Flags today. Her mom works for an Adventist hospital and they were having their private party there. So they had the whole park to themselves. That meant shorter, almost non-existent lines for all the coasters. We managed to hit every single coaster and ride front row every single time. Before that, I'd only been on Raging Bull in the front. I have to say I was mighty terrified being in the front car on Deja Vu. Such a rush. I love coasters, except they've given me a little bit of post-amusement park dizziness. I feel like I have a hang over, it's very strange. But I have fudge, so all is good.

In other super awesome news, the Bleach musicals aren't finished! It was announced a few days ago on the official blog that they will be returning in March of 2008. My wishes of a musical!Grimmjow might actually be coming true, and this makes me very, very happy. I really want to see this musical, but Merlin knows how I'll get the tickets or even know when they go on sale, or how long this run of the musicals will go for. kyolicious, might you have any tips on how/when to buy the tickets? I have no idea even *where* the theater is in Japan. I should probably start to research this.

I've also caved and taken on a commission for Reactor. Two of them, actually. My friend Keidy wants to be Arrancar Arc Orihime and her friend Ebony wants orange jacket version Yoruichi. They look easy enough, I just hope I can pull it off on top of possibly making a Captain Aizen coat and remaking an Urahara diamond coat. I've never really been confident in my ability to make other people costumes and I've done so in the past rather reluctantly. I've been promising Keidy an Elizabeth Swann outfit for about 5 years now and I've been so reluctant to tackle something as big as one of her dresses. This is a 'forgive me for chickening out on a big poofy dress' sort of commission for her and her friend. I just hope I can do it, along with my rather intense new job come October. Considering Reactor is only 2 days after probably the most crazy Halloween I will ever have, I really need to get cracking on those things. Hopefully that job will also spur the costumer in me to kick into action and not back down from my promises.

Thank God for Halloween colored orange fabric on discount this month and next. The perfect shade for Yoruichi's coat :)