September 13th, 2007


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Forget going to YCon and the Firefly con. I just got a job at the Navy Pier Haunted House and 'Navy Fear' Halloween event for the entire month of October! Yay! Dana said she had so much fun last year, I was super jealous of it. Apparently her old boss called her up and said auditions were going on today. She mentioned that I was interested and they had an opening. I dropped everything to come out and apply. Hired on the spot.



I'll see how the Halloween season goes before I decide on possibly staying on for their Christmas season. I still have to apply for the internship at the Shakespeare Theater this spring, but now I'll actually have experience that will look very, very shiny on my resume. Not to mention I'll be getting paid a good deal more than David Ritz is giving me. Thank Merlin ...

I'm addicted to Facebook, have I said that yet? Yeah, if you don't have one you should go get one. Much more interactive than LJ and not as pedophilia-laden as MySpace *nod*