August 7th, 2007


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY aunty_kriest!!!! Hope your day wasn't filled with too many kitty scratches :D

I got a call at work today saying I'd won a prize from the online training assessments we've been forced to do at work. You complete quizes and are entered into various prize drawings from all the different vendors. I guess all of those stupid quizes on products we don't have, nor would we EVER have in our store because they're just way too awesome for that dinky place, somewhat paid off. I won a SanDisk 1gb MP3 player. And the funny thing is, they also called to speak to the Boss, who'd won a 4gb flash USB drive. 2 prize winners from 1 store is quite rare and pretty damn awesome. I kinda think she got the better prize, though. SanDisk stuff is just ... notorious for being shitty. I can't *stand* their SD memory cards. But it was a prize. I could always sell the thing. Anyone want it for $30?

Computer is back up to speed, that nasty trojan is 100% gone, I now have every goddamn free bit of anti-virus/spyware/spam blocker/trojan hunter/pop-up protection that I could find that WORKS. Pfft to you, AVG, for not stopping that zorb trojan!

OMG is it August 24th yet?

Edit: AAAH! Daniel is the spitting image of a young Hitler (with a slightly more Lupin-esk moustache, perhaps)! Still ... FTW?!?!

This is really creepy, considering malfoymenace's last make up project ...