August 4th, 2007


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I found my Chamber of Secrets paperback book! It was hiding on my dad's bookshelf, amungst all his college psychology books. Weird, I remember giving it to him a long time ago but expected he threw it out.

My computer had a little bit of a virus. Porn pop ups in IE like you wouldn't believe. Had to format the harddrive, but good thing I bought an awesomely spectacular external hard drive in which all my stuff was backed up. It takes up a lot less room than the CD wallet I have containing the back up data from my old PC. This was my first time attempting such a feat of computer mastery. I feel more computer literate each day!

Despite losing all my Y!M logs and Firefox links, I'm glad the computer is cleaned up. Strange though one may think, it actually *looks* cleaner ... except for the Norton Anti-Virus icon. That thing sticks out like a bright yellow sore thumb. I'll have to get rid of it ...

I've given in my 2 weeks at Wolf. Finally. I'll be working odd jobs with Keidy until I hear back from those internships *crosses fingers*. A great weight has been lifted already. Now it's time to start thinking of moving out :)