July 30th, 2007


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I've decided to get on the ball and start trying to find that costuming job. I've got 2 that seem pretty do-able, but the fact of the matter is I'm about a month late in finding them for the Fall '07 season. Not to mention I'm still worried that I need theater experience to do either of them, of which I have so little experience that it hurts.

One of the applications has a 'check one' portion. Either "I will procure my own living in Chicago" or "I need a roommate in Chicago". It looks like they expect me to stay in Chicago, which I'm all for that really. But that would mean a) finding an apartment b) finding some roommates c) getting a new computer and furniture and d) moving x.o All of which require funds that I don't have. In fact, I've been saving more and more lately and I've even been thinking of loans.

I know I should be more worried about getting the job than the actual move-out procedure. I also need to think about getting another temp job until - and of course, if - I get the internship in January. There's no fucking way they can possibly get me to stick around for another Christmas season at Wolf. And I still need to get letters of recommendation from *someone*. I have no idea who, I doubt any of my professors from DePaul would be willing ... it needs to be a good letter, after all.

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My head is spinning. I hate that feeling.