July 25th, 2007


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Feeling a bit more back to myself, I've once again started thinking about (what else) my next convention. Wizard World is coming up, and with Book 7 fresh in everyone's minds I'm thinking of a version of Harry. I'm not sure what to call it, perhaps 'traveling' Harry or something to that effect. I plan to wear general Muggle attire, with a few choice props. Collapse ) That's if I don't get Barbossa done ... which ... I'm pretty sure I won't. I'll have that for Pyrate Con though. Knowing con security, I'm sure that sword will not be allowed out of its sheath, but Terminus won't have crazy rules like that (I think), so I'll be certain to bring it then. ;)

Also, to those going to Portus, I was wondering if any of you had space for an insane costume weilding fiend in any of your hotel rooms? I wouldn't mind getting my own room, but if there were openings I thought I'd ask.

Oh, and this review of DH had me rolling. It's true, every word of it! (spoiler heavy, as usual)