June 28th, 2007


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Since I managed to do absolutely nothing but sleep yesterday, today I plan to get some work done. I'd like to go fabric shopping today, in search of that elusive Barbossa fabric. Some nice folks on the Yahoo Potc mailing list sent links to very very very accurate fabric ... that's also $50/yard. That's a little out of my price range ... just a little. Worst case scenario, I'll get it. I'm going to order my feathers and call up Jenni to get that hat company website. Someone also posted the website to the original button makers for nearly all of the buttons in the PotC trilogy. So that's kinda sweet, though I hear the Barbossa buttons are sold out :/ I'm going to try and haul ass and make this in time for Wizard World. Dragon*Con may have to wait until next year now that I've registered for Portus. I also need to get fabric for my Boss's boyfriends' Jedi robe.

I need another HP costume to make ... maybe I'll do another version of Dumbles? Dead!Dumbles sounds kinda fun ... of course, I did like the outfits from Serenity. I *almost* want to make a Mal outfit, despite the fact that it's ... very normal clothes. Except for his boots, gun, gun holster, and suspenders. Maybe not, I'm not really all that Mal-esk.

I need a new fandom with good costumes to fawn over! :/

Also, if anyone has a Yahoo!Photos account, I just got an e-mail saying they were shutting it down due to the success of Flickr.com. I kinda saw this coming, what with Yahoo!Photo's new and crap-tastic layout. What's nice is that they gave me a one-click option to transfer my photos to Flickr, which is probably the coolest thing Yahoo has done for me in the last 8 years.
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