June 18th, 2007


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New layout! danmaku posted some really nice Gackt ones and I chose something that, well ... sorta made Gackt look like a guy. I saw something on YouTube were he performed in an arena wearing cargo pants and a big bulky sweatshirt, sunglasses, a big hat, and no make up. The title of the video was "Ghetto Gackt". He looked rather cute like that.

I've been thinking about my next tattoo. I get really excitted, then I seem to remember the other things I need to do with my money first and ... I stop thinking about tattoos. It's an effective way, I'd say.

Listened to the 30 second clips of the OotP soundtrack on soundtrack.net. I have to say I enjoyed up until the halfway point. Then again, I only really liked a handful of songs from GoF (there still is no other soundtrack I'll listen to more than CoS ... strange, I know.)

I've set up plans to head to Six Flags Great America on Wednesday. Just doing a shout-out for anyone in the area. Found a great deal online. Go to Six Flags website and type in the promo code "CHASE". 4 adult admissions for $99 if you use a Chase credit/debit card to purchase them. So far I've got 3, including myself, fit to go. More are welcome. The coke cans work really well as discount admissions too if more people decide they want to come. If anyone's interested, by all means let me know.