June 14th, 2007


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Somebody must know that I work at the Wolf Camera on Ogden. Today while walking to my car, the billboard that looms over our parking lot was changed ...

to this!

I squealed like a silly fan girl, yes I did.

In other news, it looks like I've been given an option at work. My manager approached me today explaining that Sue (the lab manager lady that taught me how to run a lab) was leaving the Bolingbrook store. Something about ... firing her. Again. But this time it's for real. She said that my DM had a deal for me. If I wanted to transfer to that store (which is about a 30 minute commute away) he'd give me a raise for it. Now, you all know I'm a lazy person, but to get a raise is a great way to sweeten the deal. I'd be working with Dana again, but this time as an equal co-worker. I have to admit I miss her. But I think I'll miss Kyle, Nicole and Becky a bit more. The bad news is that my store is possibly going to be completely re-staffed anyway. Meaning everyone is going to be either fired or relocated.

I've been in the works to go back to school, so maybe quitting now wouldn't be too bad of an idea. If I'm to be let go because of staffing changes, then I might as well get out on my own will and not because the company is down sizing.

I don't know. I want to quit, but the people are so nice, I'm really dug in deep with insurance and my Chase accounts having deals for working with Ritz, and my new eye doctor and other stuff. Then again, Whole Foods starts their cashiers at $10 ... and they have such good sushi *_*