June 3rd, 2007


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I recieved my swag in the mail the other day. I almost forgot about it, due to my late night ordering of said Pirate booty. I picked up a hardcover, leather bound copy of "The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean" and a soft cover, 100+ page Making of Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. They're both amazing finds and amazing deals, thanks to Amazon.com's outstanding prices. Something that should've cost me in the $100 range ended up costing half that, shipping included! And now I have a much, much more comprehensive costume reference book. It almost makes me want to make human!Davy Jones.

Wizard World is the first week in August. Dragon*Con is the last week. Am I going to do 2 cons in 1 month again? o_o We'll see ... I'm still waiting on friends for D*C. If that fails, I'll certainly do WW. If not, then I may skip WW. Possible costume choices for WW: Jack, Dumbledore, or (God willing) Barbossa. Knowing that Toby will be there, I have to think of something clever, witty and different to do with Jack if I am to do him.

I could probably bust out a Will Turner real quick... that crimson poets shirt and leather vest had me going "Hmmm ... " while flipping through my Making Of book. You know me and my love of red things ... Granted, I loath the little fucker, but it would be nice to have something to compliment Toby's Jack ... instead of being totally upstaged by it (which is a give-in).