May 31st, 2007




Harry Potter to Cast Spell on Universal Orlando Resort
Thursday May 31, 1:00 am ET
Harry Potter "Theme Park within a Theme Park" Scheduled to Debut in 2009 -- Fans to be Immersed in the Adventures of the World's Most Popular Wizard

Press Release

This makes me as giddy as a school girl. This, my friends, is my ultimate dorkdom moment. A Harry Potter theme park. I can't remember the last time I went to Six Flags, but I know I will sure as HELL be there for the grand opening of this park. I love theme parks and this one is just the ultimate theme park for me, personally. I remembered my times in Universal and MGM a lot more than at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot. This is definitly something to look forward to in 2009, after the end of it all ...

I'll keep my eye on this. If things seem to be looking good, I'd like to plan to be there on opening day and maybe spend a weekend in Orlando. If anyone else wants in, I'll make sure to keep my LJ well informed. presentiment, I know you'd be up for it!
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