May 28th, 2007


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Wow, LJ has surpassed the entire population of my home state of Illinois with their 13 millionth journal. Now, give or take about 1 to 2 million of those being dead/secondary/character journals, that's still mighty impressive.

I've found a few more photos from PR, and I thought I would share this particular jewel here. It is of a perfectly sloshed Trelawney (aunty_kriest) and a certain Professor Snape trying to steal the bottle of cooking sherry from the crazy psycic woman and drink whatever dregs may remain at the bottom ...

I just bought a copy of At World's End soundtrack and I'm loving it. I also found out that my original pressing of the first soundtrack is rare and rather pricey. I wish I still had my original Jurassic Park album ...

I've decided to get underway on Barbossa, possibly in time for but just maybe in time for Dragon*Con.

Edit: OMG PyrateCon is in Nola!!! I totally missed that on my first pass of the website. Now I am SO TOTALLY GOING! :D

Speaking of Dragon*Con, hey snowhite_dahlia, do you have a hotel or anything? I'd like to get this thing rolling asap, considering we only have about 3 months if we really want to do it. And because plane ticket prices are low as of right now.