May 23rd, 2007


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Phoenix Rising 2007 - Photos by Jules

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Yahoo photos has totally revamped their upload service and it's driving me MAD. I had about 12 clones of every one of my 173 photos so I was around 900 something. Just double click the image to get a larger version of it and the download button at top right to get the full quality version. Yahoo sucks so bad, yet I still use it.

For some reason, I don't think that's truly 'full quality'. So I've also uploaded them to my RitzPix account. If anyone has a account, they're here. If you don't have a account, it's free and simple and it's an excellent place to archive your pictures. We never charge for amount of photos and have no time constraints. The pictures will remain forever, none of this 'pay to keep your shit online' stuff. You can even order prints and have them printed at your local Wolf/Ritz/Inkley's stores too. I'm afraid I can only do so many free prints before my boss starts to wonder why really expensive rolls of photo paper keep dissapearing so quickly, so I can't guarantee a full set of all photos for everyone. But if there are particular ones that people wish to have made into 5x7's, 8x10's or so on, I can certainly do those for you and send them on. Whether they're mine or other peoples photos, I will allow 2 5x7's and 1 8x10 to anyone. If you want more/different sizes just ask and we'll work something out.

Got my tickets to see PotC3 at the Seven Bridges. 10:35 pm on Friday, w00t! I've been listening to pirate music all day, I'm very pirate-mad right now, it's bad. I need to go find me some Pirate Dice. I think I saw some at the mall not too long ago, on clearance no less. OMG I LOVE PIRATE DICE.