May 8th, 2007


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First order of obvious news: I hate work.

Second order of not so obvious news: I'm so totally 100% done. Not lifting a needle, cutting a single thred or pressing that infernal petal on my sewing machine any more. That's because I'm DONE. Everything is crossed off on my "To Do" lists, my suitcase is opened and packing has commenced.

Brought my hand sewing shit to work today, despite the fact that I was alone for 2 hours this morning. I managed to finish all the buttons and beadwork on my inner cloak and even had a nice old lady comment on it. It was pretty slow, so that was very nice.

Customer's continued to be a royal pain in the arse, but it'd take me weeks to give you the details. Let's just forget that happened today and look forward to another Open to Close'r tomorrow.

This deserves a fucking drink and/or a lovely sticky bowl. Probably both, which is a rare thing for me. Drinking in my own house feels ... strange.