May 4th, 2007


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So, all I did today was sew a zipper on DD. That's it. This is the slowest I've ever taken to really do those finishing touches. Ok, so I'm doing finishing touches up until hours before I leave for a con. That's just normal.

Had catalog training today. Sam was there and I drove her home. We hung out for a little bit and I realized very quickly that she and I are discustingly alike. Except for the Harry Potter thing, that is. Sam is like the sister I wish I had. Walking into her place was like ... walking into my own room. It was kinda surreal. She showed me her impressive collection of ... paraphenalia. I was super jealous and I'm making her make me a wooden box in the shape of a coffin for my own piece.

It was Jenni's day off and I needed to go pick up my make up I left at her place when we'd gone to see Diru. Yeah, that's what ... 2 months? I know. So we ended up going to the new outdoor Bollingbrook promenade that'd just opened a few days ago. It reminded me of the LA promenode we'd gone to on our other Diru concert vacation. It was nice. I liked it.

I ended up spending way too much money, but this time it was on stuff I can somewhat justify as a good buy. We went to Forever 21 and I actually found 2 shirts that 1) fit me and 2) AREN'T T-SHIRTS! Dana should be proud of me for these. I also got some Victoria Secret undies ... and the Xpose with nekkid Danny on the cover >D Overall, it was not a bad haul. I made Jenni buy a bling-bling'd strawberry necklace. She put it on Susu, it was adorable.

Then we watched V for Vendetta. I liked it. I particularly enjoyed the way Hugo Weaving managed to act despite not being able to see his eyes and mouth. The way he gestured was very real and animated. I particularly enjoyed the part where he was fighting the suit of armor while watching that movie. He's such a charismatic character, very enjoyable. I may just buy that movie later. Wish they'd gotten someone British for Evie ... I hate to say it, but Kiera Knightly would've been hot with a bald head.

Ok, and now to bring this gigantic rambling post to a closure in a complete circle ... I should go sew *nod*