May 2nd, 2007


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I think I've found a new grocery store. I usually shop at Dominicks or Jewel, but on one of my brother's excursions to get food, I went with him to Whole Foods. And they ... have ... SUSHI. And not just california rolls and spicy tuna. They had EEL and dragon rolls and salmon rolls and the best part? It was made by REAL Japanese sushi chefs and it tasted AWESOME. The best sushi I've had since eating at Edo or Sushi Para Too.

But really, aside from the sushi I got chips, guacamole and salsa and they are fan-fucking-tastic. I know that Whole Foods is almost like a hippy store, with all their stuff being organic and junk, but I thought Whole Foods and Trader Joe's were like ... vegan/vegitarian stores. Not so! I wouldn't go there to get all my grocery needs, but the next time I'm hungry and don't want fast food, Whole Foods is where I'd go. Their hot bar looked delicious as well as their deli counter and salad bar. Yes, I even liked their salad bar. It's kinda like ... walking into that place makes me want to try and eat healthy. Which is a good thing.

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It just sucks that I have to stop my sewing streak and get ready for work ... on top of that, it's maintenance tonight. Yuck.