May 1st, 2007


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I'm so glad I haven't been having insane cosplay dreams or stressful hair-pulling moments all that much during this time. It's bad enough creating detailed new costumes for 2 conventions in a row, but for me to not be flipping out about it is nice. As Keidy said "Well, that's the life of a retired cosplayer."

I'm not retired. Not yet, at least. Maybe retired from ACen and the anime scene, but definitly not retired. I know PotC 3 is due out very soon and I haven't gathered much on my Barbossa costume, but I will certainly not give up on that one just yet ...

Hey aunty_kriest, I've got one more last resort - and a very out of the way - place to look for those DD glasses, but if you've got the time I would be in debt to you forever if you can find me a pair by you. It appears these glasses are no longer being produced, so wherever they are that's probably the last of them. If you can't find the official WB ones, any sort of half-moon shaped glasses would make me happy. Thanks, sweetie!
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