April 26th, 2007


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... interesting ... o_O Edit: ummm ... I thought my soul was a goose? How did it suddenly become a lady bug?

This movie looks like another 'trying to beat the sucess of LotR' fantasy movie ... although it has a very nice premise, there's a lot of backstory on that website that suggests it might be a bit too fantasy for me *shrug* I seem to really only like the stuff that is based on a somewhat real Earth world. Like Harry Potter, it's set in a real place like England. SG-1 is based in Colorado. Don't get me wrong, I liked LotR but I never managed to get into the books or anything, just too much fantasy to remember.

I really wished I still lived in the down town area. The new Batman movie was filming down there recently. Apparently the post office right by Union Station was turned into Gotham Bank and had a bus driven through the front of the building for a 'robbery' scene. All I really wanted to see was Gary Oldman, glomp his fine ass and shriek in his ears "SIRIUS! YOU ARE STILL ALIVE!!!"

Perhaps it's a good thing he wasn't in Chicago, or that if he was I never learned about it. I'd probably would've been arrested.

I'm finally back to my usual self, despite the sporatic muccus loaded hacking cough fits. This weekend is crunch time. Sewing party, this weekend! My co-worker Becky wanted to seriously come with me to watch me sew and learn more about sewing from me. I thought it was cute, but I think I'd be a lousy teacher.