April 24th, 2007


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As much as I seem to hate my brother's little random trips, I'm actually very very lucky this time on his misfortunes. That's a double wammy right there, that is.

So I get home from work and dad tells me brother needs a ride to pick up some random bag of stuff from someone's house. He apparently frequents a website where people just leave their gently used/not needed stuff out on their curb as freebies. Well, the plan was to go to a house to pick up some scrap metal. But apparently the poster had misinformed him. Metal was incorrectly spelled on the post and was really suppose to be 'material', because the bag that was found was a garbage bag filled with fabric remnants. +1 to me!

Oh, oh but that's not the best part. I didn't get a look at the fabric before he put it in my trunk, so when I got home and finally opened the bag, what else was looking right back up at me, at the very top of the pile, but about 4 yards of beautiful gently embossed velvet. Lilac purple fabric that is just TOO FUCKING PERFECT for my Dumbledore outfit. I'd happen to have some extra time early this morning and began to lay out my outter robe fabric, only to realize the stuff I'd gotten was 45 wide instead of 60 ... so I needed about double the amount and instead just barely had enough for the outter part. I cursed myself for not checking the width and knew I'd have to go back and get more. But now my problem is oh so awesomely solved, and for free nonetheless! The Cosplay Gods have made up for their bad karma these last few days, I'd almost get started on Dumbledore tonight if it wasn't already 10.

I haven't had a chance to look through the rest, but I did see a good chunk of lovely white satin and a pretty crimson red fabric as well. I shall inform you of the rest of the contents when I get the chance.

It's like treasure hunting without all that traveling!
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