April 21st, 2007



I couldn't sleep last night because my little nidnight cough had gotten worse. This morning, I couldn't talk. It's not my throat, it's in my lungs and it HURTS. It hurts so bad I woke up crying this morning.

Why the fuck do I always have to get sick on my days off? And when I have so much shit to do, too. Fuck fuck FUCK. The world hates me *emo*.

If I don't get better by 3, malfoymenace, then I won't come to your place. I'll be lucky if I can even get my laundry done today.


Oh, did I also mention that it's gorgeous outside? Sunny and 75 degrees. My ideal weather.


Oh, and it looks like the Hyatt took the first nights pay for the ACen room a little earlier than I expected.
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