April 17th, 2007


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I don't know why I do this, but it's gotta be some sort of morbid curiosity. Every now and then I check out 'is this person legit?' comission posts on cosplay. And every single time, it's bad news. Late orders, incomplete orders, bad fabrics, poor craftsmanship, stolen images. Is there anyone out there that does good commissions? Granted, I'm not looking to buy, I'm just curious about that sort of independent business thing.

Somebody once told me I should do comissions. Maybe they were just being nice. First of all, I'm not that good. Sewing-wise. I can make it stick together for an entire con and make it look clean and pretty, but I'll be lucky if I can wear it again. I just don't have the confidence to sell my shit. And time. Time is always an issue. I never have time for anything.

My goal in life is becoming increasingly fuzzy. Or maybe it's just the sleep deprivation.

I called an old 'flame' of mine from high school today, just to catch up on things. After what happened to my friend in Florida, I've just been thinking a lot about my old friends that sort of trailed away from me. I hadn't seen Jenni in at least 2 months, we've both been so busy. That sorta got my thoughts churning too. I don't want to end up not hearing from friends and suddenly find out on CNN that they've been killed or something. I pulled out my old year books and re-read those notes left in the back. I read my friends Senior year note, too and it got me choked up a bit. I also found my dead friend's picture, and I got a little ... yeah. Ah, nostalgia you're a prick.

Is it bad that I'm addicted to Deadliest Catch? o.o
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