April 14th, 2007


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My friend Sam from high school, whom I found at the mall working for Wolf Camera, called me up today to see what I was up to. We got together and had lunch and I invited Jenni to come too, since she was working at the same time in the same mall.

So she tells me that she just found out that one of our old friends from school was shot and killed 2 days ago in Florida. They think it was a homicide. I didn't know this guy all too well, but I remembered how nice and harmless he was in school. Sam thinks it was some sort of drug deal gone wrong, which is a shame. I didn't know he'd fallen into that. It was a shock to say the lease, it really made me feel so terribly out of the loop. Here is an article about what happened. Jenni took it harder than I did. She used to regularly keep up e-mails with him and he seemed to be happy and getting his life back on track.

It's gotten me thinking about my small group of friends from high school and wondering just what everyone else is up to. I haven't seen my other friend Jenni since graduation, but apparently she's still here in Illinois and is still involved in music. It's amazing what you can find on Google these days.

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