April 7th, 2007


Are there any zombies out there?

Uuuuuuuuuuugh ... Collapse )

So, plans have changed slightly. Dana and I are flying to Nola instead of driving. We found out it would be helluva lot cheaper to fly than rent a second car, prices are at their lowest right now so it's a great time to buy (I love farecast.com :D ). Considering I'm under 25 and would have massive amounts of daily charges added to the base price of a compact rental, it was looking real grim in that department. Lots of hidden fees, credit checks, and all that bullshit that I don't think I would've faired too well in.

Some people are still driving, but it's because they already own a reliable asian mobile. I would've like to tag along, but my experience to San Fran showed me that I can't be in a drivers seat longer than 2 hours. And cops love to give me tickets. That doesn't mean I'm changing my schedule at work, though ^_^ I already planned to have that entire week and a half off, and my new Boss says it's fine.

Dana also showed me a book very similar to the Japanese book Fruits, except they show street fashion from around the world. They went to London, Paris, Melborne, and a couple other places. Flipping through the London part, I see this guy squinting into the sun. I check the caption and it says "Rob, 19. Occupation: Actor". I take a better look at him, and sure as hell it's Robert Pattenson! Cedric Diggory! In all his frumpy stoner glory! Chilling with a cup of coffee, wearing what he claims as "The only thing he owns". XD Now, if this is before or after GoF, it's unsure. It was very interesting.

Ok, now back to cursing out my iron and working on the other coats ...
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