March 25th, 2007


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Oh man, I flew home last night. I left Dana's at 11:35 and was home by 12:00. I was racing a Mustang. But ... he won.

*sigh* it's gorgeous outside right now. Nearly 70 and sunny. I should go for a walk ...

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Arrrgh! My dad needs to warn me when people come over to listen to him play.

I was on the floor in my room, cutting out fabric and he needed to show his guests something about his pipe organ speakers that are in the upstairs cabinets (one speaker is in my room, the other is in my sewing room. Yes, it's annoying but I've lived with it my entire life so ... I've gotten used to it). My dad's guest walked in, followed by a cute guy that I assume is his son. And then there's me, sitting in shorts that are too tight for my booty, unshaved legs, a bandana around my head covering my unwashed hair and slightly sweating from the heat, looking oh so confused. I was expecting to lock myself up in my room and avoid company today, hence my attire. Good thing I decided to put a shirt on, otherwise they would've walked in on me in ... something a little less.

They did seem to like my costumes, though. Thank the gods for Ikea and the Portis clothing rack that proudly displays everything :)

Ok, break time over. Back to sewing!

Ta daa! It's like MAGIC!

8 hours, that's a record methinks. Or, if you count time by movies, it was Shaun of the Dead and the entire Back to the Future trilogy. I like playing movies while I sew, almost better than music. Even if I'm not really watching it, just to hear it makes me motivated for some reason.

I also shortened my shinigami sleeves ... but I have to still finish the cap'n coat >P

Edit: So I caved and purchased my Kaien badge on eBay instead of attempting to make it. Leaves me some extra time to devote to ... everything else.