March 1st, 2007



Yosh! I'm now well past the released volumes and onto the scantilated volume 26! That means I only have ... I think 4 more volumes to go before I'm all caught up. And oooooooooooooohmigod it's so guud. Seeing Rukia's zanpakuto and understanding her a bit more, I still don't like her as much as others, but she's grown on me. Orihime, too. Ooooh, she's too adorable and yet oh so bloody vulnerable. Ichigo is still an emo brat that needs to stop thinking he's the shit, but now I see a posibile Captain of 11th Divison in his future ... he is VERY much like Kenny. Urahara is scaring me, I'm worried he's going to slip up like Dumbledore. He's in a very similar vein to DD, in that he's the 'wise old man' in Ichigo's adventure. And I have a whole knew love for Ikkaku. He's inching his way past Izuru at the moment, mainly because of his bad ass skillz he's shown in his battle with the Arrancar. The Arrancar are cool, I thought Grimjaw's voice was Renji's (in the anime) and so did everyone else, aparently. Found a much better quality rip of DotBM including a new BTS video. According to Jenni, Byakuya's wig gets SO much better in the new one, I'm looking forward to that.

I'm going Bleach crazy. CRAZY, I SAY.

Mother Nature, please decide if you want it to be winter or spring. No more back and forth snow/rain.
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