February 26th, 2007


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So I've tried to get off my arse ... and in doing so I've gone onto other possibly even lazier things ... such as catching up with Bleach scantlations (just finished volume 22, I only have 2 more to be all caught up with the series! SQUEE!) I think I'm going to do Ukitake and Kaien at ACen. Third costume is possibly an Arrancar, still not 100% certain about that. I still have PR to worry about and all.

zeekart, I work all day Friday (until 7 pm) so I'm gonna pass on seeing 300 with you guys in IMAX.

I helped paint the backroom yesterday. I organized one of a few craft/cosplay organizers and sorted my clothing drawers too. I had no space in them and having clothes everywhere on the floor was bugging the shit out of me. I have a few shirts I'm willing to sell/give away if anyone is interested, including my Hot Topic Azkaban shirt, a Jack Sparrow girls shirt, a "I <3 Yaoi" shirt in Japanese, some HP shirts, some stupid unworn anime shirts and quite a few anime convention shirts that I'm just SICK of. All I feel like doing these days is reorganize my gigantic pile of shit. And make more messes.