February 23rd, 2007



Ok, two awesome picture finds today. The official first look at movie version young Marauders. And the full frontal newdy body shot of Danny boy from Equus. Skore. I can't tell which one is which in that Marauders pic. I think the first one is Sirius, then ... James ... with light brown hair ... who looks far too much like a girl dressed in bad man-drag ... then Peter and behind him Remus? *sigh* oh well, not at all as I pictured, but then again when have the movies ever been like I dreampt? It'll grow on me.

Muslin was on sale at JoAnn's. A whole 15 yd. bolt for $10. w00t~sauce.

I'm getting into starting my sewing projects, finally. To the point where I've begun to dream of sewing. Of where I think that I finished something and I wake up and it wasn't ... even ... cut out. I've begun to put together Ukitake's coat, and I styled his wig yesterday. Looks good, but I still may want some other opinions. The plan is to finish shinigami top tomorrow, as I will be waking at 8 am to begin work ... *nod*