February 10th, 2007


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Went to Home Depot to get paint for work. We're painting the back room so it looks nice for our March walk through. Ended up running into Jenni and her mom out shopping for paint as well. Then I nearly (and literaly) ran into Ann, Heather and Petras on the way home from work. Strange day today.

And everything I touch shocks me :(

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Chicago Auto Show with a borrowed Nikon D50 from work. I'm excitted to have an actual nice SLR camera to play with for a day. The only downside is that I have to give a talk about it at the meeting next Saturday. That's ok, this is my test drive into possibly purchasing one of these bad boys for myself. I'm going with Dad and brother. Maybe this year will be the year my dad says yes to my pleas for a Mustang as a 'graduation' present ...*crosses fingers sarcastically*

3 days until Diru. What the hell am I gonna wear?
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