February 4th, 2007


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Fuck me, it's cold. -1 degrees is no fun.

Did some LJ cleaning, got rid of a few out of hand communities. And then I joined a few more.

The new BuriMyu is awesome. I expect they'll have Ukitake and Kyoraku in the 4th one, which I can't wait for.

I need to start sewing. I still need wigs and fabric and accessories. For some reason I don't feel right starting something without all the materials. And it's too ass raping cold outside for me to want to do ANYTHING. Especially crawl around on my knees cutting out fabric.

I think I'm going to be super lazy this ACen and just be Bleach characters all 3 day. Yeah, that sounds like fun.

New icon to show off the sexiness that is Toshiro, Gin, and Renji from the Bleach Musical :D

Ok, the plan for tomorrow is to make 4th Division Hanataro bag and start on shinigami top. Let's see if I can do this ... *crosses fingers* if I can, then I'll work on my 13th Division captain robe.
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