January 24th, 2007


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I think I've kicked into spring cleaning early. When I got home from work yesterday, I spent 7 solid hours cleaning. I threw out 3 VERY heavy trashbags full of old papers, school shit and old old make up. I basically just opened up my drawers and filtered out all of the junk that's piled up. Needless to say it felt good. I feel almost like those 3 garbage bags were lifted right off my own shoulders. On top of that, this morning the first thing I did when I woke up was clean s'more. It was suppose to be my day off today, but Dana wanted to switch, giving me the better deal with a 2 day weekend and making her work on Saturday.

Aparently, FujiFilm is giving Wolf camera associates a rather sweet little contest. Basically every time you sell a Fuji camera you get points towards cool prizes. Sorta like the Dave & Busters ticket thing. Some of the stuff is cool. Some of the stuff is like 'WTF?' My personal favorites that I found while browsing the Fuji website were: A day of fighter pilot experience, fully paid weekend in Europe, and an inflatable trampoline. Some things were stupid, like a one day pass to all the attractions in NYC, but nothing else and a Florida scubadiving lesson (nothing else, no airfair, hotel, etc.) Things I wasn't surprised to see: toaster, coffee maker, childs bike, iPod, and cameras. The most expensive thing (one that needed the most points) was a diamond encrusted womans watch that was 10,000,000 points. On top of that, in the rules it states that you can't get more than 3 million points in a year ... and yet this contest only runs from Jan 1st to April 30th ... Well, so far I've only made about 2,500 and I can get ... a $5 Starbucks gift card. Woo.

Hey, malfoymenace and any other friends that plan to stay in our ACen room ( zeekart, tsubasagahoushi, buringjessu, tsuzukeru etc. etc.), am I getting this room for the 10th through 13th? Or the 11th? I think Cat got a room on Thursday instead of Friday to avoid the hassels of check in Friday morning. That worked out really really well.