January 22nd, 2007


(no subject)

Ok, I think I'm gonna get a room for ACen. But damned if I'm not out of Wolf Camera before then, because this is my preliminary plan as of right now. ACen May 11th thru 13th. Leave for Nola May 16th, return either the 20th or 21st. That's a good ... week and a half's worth of days off. Not good for full-time associates, but I guess I'm gonna do it.

Now, what to make for ACen? I should've guessed I'd try and wait till the last minute and hopefully just give up on ACen, but it's almost like it's been encoded into my DNA that I should go. I'll have Dumbledore done by then, maybe an anti-anime thing is in order? Then there's a Bleach character, I'm leaning towards Aizen but could be swayed into Ukitake. Or ... I could be something from Furin Kazan ... which I haven't even seen yet, but I want to possibly make a kimono ... yes, a WOMAN'S kimono ... trying new things is always fun!


Oh yeah, this is for everyone, check out http://us.cyworld.com. It's as popular as MySpace in Asia, yet it's 20 times cooler. It's a Korean thing that's been all the rage. So far it's pretty cool, now if only I can get unaddicted to LJ to start posting stuff in there ...