January 14th, 2007


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I totally just pwn'd at Dave & Busters. I've got 5776 tickets, too bad the prize pickings were slim and stupid. I'm saving most of it for when Jenni thinks her store is going to have a party at D&B so we can get some cooler shit.

I played this one game called Speed Demon that I think went on the fritz. I was playing it over and over again for a good half an hour and only paid it once. There was even a point in which a guy had to come and put more tickets in the machine because it ran out.

Jenni got this cute magenta bird. I got a shot glass and a Hello Kitty smarties dispenser. I was aiming for the portable DVD player. I was only about ... 30,000 tickets behind.

What an awesome night. We need more excuses to go to D&B's.
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