January 11th, 2007


(no subject)

Lookie lookie what I found! Gentle Giant Ltd. Draco Bust. They also have 5th year Harry, Riddle's grave, and Voldemort :O I'm totally getting Voldie and 5th year Harry, and probably Draco too. I like this new line a lot.

I just got an awesome post card from Bernie. It says "Send more tourists to Hawaii" and it has a great white shark with its mouth wide open, leaping out of the water on the front. Very awesome, will cherish forever. I like getting mail, and not of the electronic kind. I've been getting into collecting stationary. Who wants a stupid hand written (old fashioned?) letter from me? Anyone? Anyone?

I just purchased this, this, and ... yes ... This. I'm gearing up. This gives you all a clue as to what sort of mood I'm in.

PR cannot come fast enough ...