January 7th, 2007


(no subject)

Went shopping again (that's all I ever do! That's all there is TO do in this fucking town. Another mall is being put up right in between the two malls that are each 5 minutes from my house, how wrong is this? Very wrong. ) Bought myself s'more Dumblydore fabric and a 'cospaly' Death Note book. Not a cosplay one, but it's spelled in plain Engrish 'cospaly' 3 times on the box. Brilliant.

Also found some lovely yaoi manga at Waldens, one of which Dana bought that I now want to get. It was buy 3 get the 4th free. Bought Death Note 8 and the first of that ... Host Club manga ... Ouroron? No, that's Demon King Ouroron. Uhm, yeah, you guys know what I'm talking about.

Work has been dead. As in we're taking bets on how many customer's come in the store. The best part is that other stores are calling and asking us if we're busy and can do a roll of film in an hour. Of course we can, I can pump out a roll of film while the customer waits! It's that boring. Boring = no good for me.

Christmas take down has started. I knew I should've just pretended I had work and left for the day. Granted, it's much easier than put up, but I still hate it.

Oh yeah, Dana and I were at Mitsuwa the other day having lunch, when I happened to glance over at the TV playing a Japanese channel of somesort, only to see someone that I swore was Gakuto. I point to the TV and exclaim, "I ... think that's Gackt!" to Dana, to which she looks at the TV and is like "That's not him ... " but we're both still watching it, and it switches from a close up of the possible-Gackt's face to, yep, the real Gackt in an interview for his new TV show, Fuurin Kazan. It was an awesome act of coincidence that I looked up just in time to catch him. Otherwise I just ignore that TV. I really want to see this drama, it looks pretty sweet!