January 2nd, 2007


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I'm still not feeling too great, can't explain why. I just feel ... off. Very off.

It feels like I'm back in school. I took home a photoshop project and managed to actually ... get it all done.

Basically it was a f'ed up picture that was scanned crappily ( no one thought to clean the SCANNER first, because little gremlin's hands get all over the thing! FINGERPRINTS SUCK ). Well, The Boss really ... sorta ... forced this upon me. She's like "Oh yeah, we can fix that at home in Photoshop, can't we Julie?" And I'm like " ... " yeah, if you fuckin' pay me for it, bitch. Jesus, she thinks my graduate skills are FREE?! Well, in the end it became a battle, of who's photoshoping is better. Now we're both doing it to compare and see which one the customer likes better.

Truthfully, she probably won't even do it. I would NOT be surprised by this.

I really want Phoenix Rising to come now, so I can focus on costume making and not work. Work = boo
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