December 28th, 2006


(no subject)

I want to play POGS with someone. Anyone on my FList still have their pongs? (besides kungfooqueen? )

I just found garagesalejapan and thought I should get rid of some stuff I have stockpiled in my room. But, of course, I'll give my FList a chance first. I think I'll do some of that stuff tomorrow. I bought those 3 bookshelves about 2 months ago and they're ALL just completely filled. I know there's stuff in there that hasn't been looked at in years, might as well get rid of it.

Work was BORING. When it's boring, I start to play with pictures. I made a 12x18 poster of just random cosplay moments. I'm gonna enlarge it to a 16x20 to fit in a frame I have. This new Fusion software is neat, but I wouldn't pay $19 for this 12x18 poster ... I've got plans to make a Lumos poster, mostly of my own pictures, but might use some other people's pictures as well. Just a 'best moments' sorta poster. malfoymenace, want one?

Speaking of you, I'm off tomorrow. Hopefully I can get out of the house and we'll go to Mitsuwa or Woodfield, as usual.