December 22nd, 2006


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I know none of you on my FList would possibly know who this is (except cali_gari maybe?) but ... I just went to the Oak Brook Wolf Camera, on my day off, to pick up s'more printers for our store. And who do I see working behind the counter? An old high school friend of mine that I haven't seen in little over 5 years. Sam Augustiniak. I've been recently thinking about her and Jenny Sczerbinski, two friends from highschool that I really miss and haven't been able to contact. So this was a lovely little present of fate to me. Got her number, we're going to try and hang a bit after the insane holiday rush is over.

It was fate that made me go out of my way to get some things for The Boss, and fate that had me seeing Sam for the first time in forever. She's so cool, I'm glad I found her again. Now, if only I could find Jenny ...

In other good news, zeekart is currently flying straight home to Chicago. He should be back in his apartment by 6-ish. I'm glad to hear he's coming home. Shots of 151 when I come visit later tonight, maybe? I think not ;)
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