December 19th, 2006


(no subject)

YAY! I'm home from work before 10! FUCK YEAH!

So I was watching the telly, for the first time in ... oh ... weeks. And they had a commercial for a pen that like ... teaches you math. I'm sure you've seen it. But this one showed different 'books' you could use the pen with. One of them was a Marauder's Map. I instantly went O_O and wondered where I could find that ...

Then, I look at the still neatly wrapped present from malfoymenace under my tree and go, "No way, she didn't ... " She probably didn't, but it would be hillarious if she did XD

Speaking of those fellows over there in the Menace household, I'm off on Friday and should be stopping over to bring you prezzies. I'm a bit iffy about sending presents to other people, knowing this is possibly the worst time to do any sort of mailing.

I need to get working on Christmas cards. So, you all might not get them in time for Christmas, but very soon-ish. Definitly before New Years 9.9