December 9th, 2006


(no subject)

Oh man. Ooooooh man oh man. I think I'm gonna do this. I really, really want to.

I'm gonna go to DisneyLand for the PotC3 premiere. But I need to figure some things out first, like when it's gonna happen, where it's gonna be, and how I'm going to bring my Jack costume and wear it in Disney w/o getting attacked by Disney personnel ... which I've been told is very hard to do. Legal reasons, I understand that. But I really want to do this. Hell, I traveled to Denver for PotC2, I think I can do this, I can attempt PotC3.

Who's with me? *crickets*

Anyone been to a movie premier before? Know where to find out dates and such? How to prepare for it? I really want to plan on going to HP 7 premiere in London too, but premiere's are just sooo new and different to me. Anyone have tips? I should post this to, they seem rather informant about that sorta stuff.

Edit: It sounds like this might actually be do-able. Ooooh herophelia, you know you want to come with me, right? Right? *aka be my car ride and all that jazz* :D :D :D I'm going to plan on staying a week in CA, seems like the premiere will be late April/early May. Lotsa rumors floating around, no one really has any sort of solid info. Grrr, I need contacts! People on the inside! I *really* want to do this, as in not just a passing fancy.