December 3rd, 2006


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This weather is becoming killer on my skin and my eyeballs. I still have a headache and I'm still blaring on in super bitch mode. I will NOT help my mom with that damned villiage under the tree. I refuse. It's stupid and pointless and way too much goddamned work.



I haven't done any Christmas shopping, and I probably won't. There's only about 5 people on my list of getting stuff, and most of that is going to be gift cards because I really don't want to be anywhere near a mall. Fuck this shit. Fuck all of it.

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Aaah! Why has no one mentioned there's going to be a 2nd made for TV DeathNote? The Last Name, it's called. There are trailers on YouTube and they show Rem :D w00t, I liiike.
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