November 29th, 2006


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I had a reoccuring part of my dreams last night where my glasses were falling off and breaking. And I was hanging out with a terminally ill girl and I kept saying "I want to go to ACen! I want to go to ACen!" but she was like, "You can go, I don't have to go with you ... " She was really sick and I didn't want to leave her at the mall, where ever 5 minutes she had to sit down. I kept calling up Jenni to ask if she had all the stuff at the hotel, and she wasn't picking up her phone. When it got darker and darker outside ( it was Friday of ACen ) I was getting more and more anxious and torn between hanging out with this girl that I figured was going to die soon and going to a convention that I possibly will never have fun at.

Wow, it is WAAAY too early to be having one of these dreams. At least there wasn't much in the way of 'costuming disasters'.

I really need new glasses, because they are actually breaking. I've had them for a good 5 years now. Wow, 5 years. I think the last pair I had before I got contacts were only about 2 years old. Maybe that should be a task for this Saturday. Should I go with the classic artist girl big thick frames look? Lolz, I kinda want to try that. I also need a hairs cut, reeeeeal bad. I'm looking very meh. I think I want to go back to the real short cut ... maybe I should get those big thick black square frames, get my hair cut sorta short like Aizen Taicho and scare Keidy next time I see her. Oooh, that would rock. I should do that. Maybe.

But the question is, should I get my hair cut first? Or the glasses first? Who wants to go glasses shopping with me?

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We got a new computer for the print bar today at work. Basically, if you're into scrapbooking, these new templates will do that for you. They're rather cool, I especially like the Halloween ones that don't look all that stereotypical Halloween.

I brought a CD with me of some of the Bleach Musical blog pictures, really nice hi res images, and printed out a bunch of shtuff. I put Gackt in one of the 5x5 Halloween templates and even framed it. It's awesome. Oh, and the Kodak kiosk got new software too, so now I can put niffty borders on prints and make calendars.

I made a calendar for Jenni of Ichigo, and a Gackt one for Dana because I was bored. I also made some funny Bleach pictures for Keidy and Sawako, and a Hanataro calendar for me. I also printed out pictures of Hitsugaya, Ichigo, Renji, and Izuru in these oval shaped bordered 4x6's that are one for each season, and then put them in an awesome frame that holds all 4 of them. The best part is that the frame fits on that weird stretch of random wall right by my door. It fits PERFECTLY, so now I get to cover up all the pin holes I put in it with pretty bordered pictures of Bleach men with flowers on them XD

My co-workers were baffled as to why I was printing out pictures of these costumed Japanese men, and I still haven't convinced Miguel that Gackt is a guy. I think I'm going to print out more pictures tomorrow. Copyrighted pictures XD Oh noes! Not copyrighted pictures!

I also ordered Jenni's Christmas present, though I don't think it'll make it here in time for Christmas. She saw that we had boxers where you could put a picture on them and wanted one with Ichigo on it. So I ordered it. I can't wait to see how well they come out XD

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