November 24th, 2006


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My waffle pirate bandana came today! YAY!

If any of you paid attention to Eggo waffles, they had an offer for PotC bandanas if you sent in 2 UPCs and $2.99 for shipping. I so totally did it, and I just got it today. Sure, it's not what I expected, but when you're a kid, getting mail was one of the coolest things ever. That joy is sorta lost but ... I have a new bandana! One I can wear instead of my skull one that makes my mom cringe whenever I go out wearing it. So that's cool.

Work today wasn't as bad as I thought. I really thought it was going to be bad. When I left the store at 3 pm, we had nearly $8000 in sales. We usually barely scrape out $2000 on a normal day, so I'd have to say that it was a good day for the sales people, not so good for me stuck in the lab. I wonder if we'll break $25,000 before they close tonight?

It's my parents 40th wedding anniversary today. Congratulations to them ^_^

Man, I really should not have eatten so quickly after waking up. I took a nap and woke up not too long ago, then fixed myself a hyoooog plate for thanksgiving left overs ... yeah, now I'm totally regreting that -_- omguh, but it's soooo gooood *whimper, stomach grumble*

I'm going to get my tattoo tomorrow! this is what I'm getting, all metal-looking too. I was thinking about getting a captain badge instead, but I can't decide which Captain I like the best. Gin, Kenpachi, Ukitake. I don't know what squad I'd be in if I were a Shinigami ... actually, I'd probably be in 4th squad -_- because I'm a lousy fighter. Or maybe on Real Fox Guy's squad, because they don't like to fight.

Ok, I'm a dork. I'll stop ... now.

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Anyone that knows what Ventrilo and DotA are should check this out. I don't, but I like the song a lot. Some say it's the next 'Numa Numa'. I ... don't think so.

I guess while I'm on the subject of cool videos, this one is actually quite neat too. I love break dancers. They're like ... musical ninjas.

Ok, and because I'm bored, here's a cosplay meme stolen from starlet2214

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Maybe I'm just not too observant, but ... I suddenly have a gig worth of space in my hotmail folder? That's rather sweet ... not that I ever fill that up or anything ... I don't think I ever came close to filling up the 250 MBs I had before.
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