November 20th, 2006


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OMG I think I'm still stoned ...

The brownies were the best damn shit I ever had in my life. The turkey dinner was awesome too, thanks to Master Chef malfoymenace. Siriusly, she rocks.

I spent the whole of Sunday doing nothing, it was quite impressive. I went to Mitsuwa to get snacks, that's about it.

The Boss called me at 3 in the morning this morning to tell me the store had been broken into ... like I give a shit! Really! I have no control over that, it's not my deal to make sure the store is ok. I picked up the phone, too, for some very odd reason. I found out that when I got to my store at my starting work time, and when The Boss finally showed up that our DM got our store (#1481) mixed up with the Darien location (#1480). So The Boss was 5 minutes from our store when the DM called her back. I'm glad she didn't call ME back, not like I was going to go anywhere. I went back to sleep. The best part was that I didn't have to be at work until 2, yet The Boss let me stay until 3:30 so she could go work out and stuff. I'm just glad I didn't have to close with Miguel.

I think I'm getting sick again. Oh poop.

Oh, what a lovely birthday present I just got. Dad just threw my car insurance bill at me and said "It's about time you start to pay this ... " Well, fuck. There goes my cosplaying ... and my convention trips. Couldn't he have hit me with this when I got a better job? Where I could actually afford it?

On a somewhat lighter note, I made a new LJ layout. Anyone who's seen/heard of the Bleach musicals (any of them) will probably enjoy it.

On another note, I think this post deserves a new icon. My first Bleach one, too.
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