November 14th, 2006


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Stolen meme from puellaris

First: Salt N Peppa
Worst: uhm ... I ... really don't know if I have a worst album ...
Best: by best meaning 'most listened to' I'd have to say the PotC soundtrack

First: The creepy red headed boy down the street ... when I was like, 8
Worst: Josh
Best: Harrold wasn't too bad

First: Sophomore year of college
Worst: All of them were pretty bad
Best: Have yet to find the best ...

First: McDonald's when I was 14 ... yes, 14.
Worst: Luv It Greeting Cards. Blowing up balloons sucked.
Best: Home Depot had the nicest people, but the worst managers.

First: Heinekin in Italy, 8th grade
Worst: About 5 straight shots of rum at lilacwire's pirate party
Best: Definitly drunken monopoly

First: 5th grade on the playground of my jr. high after school with my friend Sarah
Worst: Smoked a whole pack in one day sitting at my computer Jr. year of college. That nearly killed me.
Best: Heh ... oh how I love you ganj

Family Trip
First: Gods, I can't remember my first every trip ... but I do vaguely remember seeing pictures of me in a baby stroller at Niagra Falls.
Worst: The last few trips we decided to go on as a family ... most of them were to Pittsburg to visit my grandma.
Best: The last few trips to Disney World

Video/Computer Game
First: Tetris on the GameBoy
Worst: Sims2 for PSP
Best: Katamari Damacy!

First: Ran into the corner of a wall when I was 2, split open my head, had to get stitches, don't really remember it much
Worst: might've been the one mentioned above, but I can remember jamming my handlebars of my bike into my front teeth once when I was about 8 or 9. That hurt ...
Best: I'd have to say getting that cut above my eyebrow with a sword ... I was trying to be Harry Potter, see? This was Sophomore year of college working at the costume shop.

First: Word processor, baby! Yeah!
Worst: My gateway sucks pretty bad right about now ... 6 years old and all
Best: Meh, haven't found one yet.

Musical Instrument
First: Piano
Worst: Piano
Best: Flute

Trouble with the law
First: My first ever ticket was for ... parking on the wrong side of the street, I think.
Worst: $119 speeding ticket in Nebraska >O
Best: smoking pot right next to a cop car ... with cops in it. On school property.

First: Baron Brighton, back in grammar school, omg I can't believe I remember his name :O
Worst: Petras in highschool
Best: uhm ... Johnny ... Depp?

First: The Sound of Music
Worst: The Blair Witch Project
Best: Too many to list ... can't think of just 1.

First: Tori/Alanis concert in highschool with Ash
Worst: Fear Factory concert
Best: Dir en Grey in LA! YEAH!

First: sci-fi TV actors
Worst: Harry Potter
Best: Harry Potter

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I've finally found something to do with CS2 now that I've installed it on this computer ... make Playgear skins for my new PSP case! Yay! Hopefully my creativity will return after I remind myself the basics of photoshop -_-;

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Wow, I need to like ... stop buying stuff. I just bought Bleach Heat the Soul 2, this game called Work Time Fun (or WTF, which is one of the reasons I bought it. It has a cartoony picture of a guy yelling "WTF!" on the cover. It's kinda like WarioWare ... kinda), Kingdom Hearts 1 because whenever I'd ask to borrow it from a friend, they were still in the middle of working on it (it's considered a 'Greatest Hits' so it was only $20) Then I got a bunch of accessory shit for my PSP, like this kit that had a screen sticker (what I originally was only going to Fry's to get -_- ), USB cable, auto charger, UMD cleaner, retractable headphones and AC adapter cord, and a black strap. Then I bought the Playgear, only because I can change the inserts a billion times, depending on my mood :P That rocks.

I think ... I'm becoming a video game addict. I'm really good at buying all this shit, not too good at ... playing. I really wish someone would come out with an English translation guide ( aka, Sawako needs to NOT BE IN PEORIA ) because I can't unlock Hanataro without knowing how to get through Story Mode :( I love Hanataro! And silly me, I didn't wait for them to come out with an American version of the games (because I CAN'T WAIT), which is no doubt going to happen I'm sure of it.

So, Dana got the Diru tickets. Swt, can't wait. Gotta find a new outfit for that show XD

I want to go on a vacation. Like, a serious vacation. Not a convention vacation, but a real one. I really want to go to Disney World, for some reason. And no, it's NOT for Pirates of the Caribbean, but there's no doubt in my mind I'll be going to that ride if we DO go. And Jurassic Park, too. And because Dana's never gone, I think she needs to go. Besides, now I can enjoy Pleasure Island! XD
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