October 29th, 2006


(no subject)

I had an awesome dream this morning. It involved pirates doing water ballet and a Disney stage show, while I sat next to, I think, David Yeats ( the OotP director ) who I thought was doing the 3rd PotC film ... I kept explaining to him how much I liked the show and how I wanted to be in film. He was really bitter and like, "It' just for the damn kids, I had nothing to do with this ... " Then I asked him to sign my playbill because, aparently, this Disney show had a playbill. He signed it begrudgingly and I thought 'Man, wouldn't that be awesome if I could get Johnny Depp to sign it too?' Then I feel a tap on my shoulder and Johnny Depp and ... Ian McKellan are standing behind me. Johnny smiles and I about fall out of my chair. Then suddenly, I'm in a limo with them and I ask Johnny for his autograph and explain that I'm a super big fan of his, and Ian too. Johnny refused, saying he doesn't give autographs to 'abnormal people'. Then I woke up. Fucked up, I'd say.

So, I get 4 days off next week. It's a shame I didn't get that LAST WEEKEND. Aparently The Boss screwed up my schedule and she's putting me in for 40 hours yet I only have to truly work 30. Yay. Maybe I'll get started on some costumes!