October 18th, 2006


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Car is fixed and back at home. The best thing is that when the mechanics were pulling it out of the parking spot to drive it into the shop to begin their work on it, the piece that was wearing away had fallen off. Talk about good car karma. Imagine if I'd taken that to Dana's and not pushed dad to fix it. It would've been a MESS.

Zagetsu is packaged, along with 4 other swords, a cane, and a gun. I didn't get a chance to fix up the bottom of Urahara's cane. Maybe if we're not busy at work I'll do that :) The boxes and bubble wrap all worked just wonderfully, and all were free! Thank you, work.

Things still need to pack: Bleach DVDs, tabi socks, regular socks, flip flops, PotC book for make up reference ...

ok, I need to go to sleep. I don't think I'll ever NOT be a spaz about costume con stuff. I'd love to see me try and not bring 3 costumes to a convention. Really, just you watch my resolve crumble SO fast.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Cosplaylab.com is having a VHD costume contest. Hells fucking YES. I better tell Jen about this. I still think she's the best damn D ever. Ok, so I'm bias because she's my best friend. Ok, shiroi_yukiko your's was good too :)
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