October 15th, 2006


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Uhm ... so yesterday sucked. I got all tired and shit at 9:30, tried to stay up and ended up going to sleep at midnight or abouts there. Ophelia txt'd me about stuff and it woke me up. Damn me and my light sleeping. Had trouble sleeping anyways, woke up this morning at 9:30 unable to do anything about it. This sucks, I kinda wanted to sleep in on my one day off before SF adventure.

Next week, The Boss has crammed all of my 40 hours into 4 days before I leave for SF. That basically means open to close every day this week, including Thursday. I've already started packing, still a bit worried about bringing plastic swords and toy guns in my luggage as well as Zangetsu. Aw, shit. Today's probably the only day I could've gone looking for something to pack Zangetsu in and it's a Sunday. All shipping places are closed, aren't they? Shiiiit.

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AAAAH! I WANT TO BE BANKAI ICHIGO!!!! :O With the Hollow mask, too. I've wanted to make that costume even before I saw it in the show, but now that I've just finished watching that episode ... oh yeah, I'm making that.

59 episodes down, 40 more to go! Phew, I'm past the half way point ... at least of Bleach Portal's DLs. lawls.

I couldn't find a box for Zangetsu, and my car was being a real pain in the ass before I could finish looking. Now I need power steering fluid AND a box that no store seems to carry anything remotly close to that. Teme ...

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