October 3rd, 2006


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Aaah! It's October! My favorite month of the year, and yet now I'm all O_O because YCon is closer. Granted, I'm not making any new costumes for it, so I shouldn't be too worried about anything.

Looks like Jen won't be able to make my Capt. Urahara costume for SanFran, but that's only because I want the stuff she used to make her kimono, and it's all bought online. That black fabric was so fabulous, I don't want anything less than that. It flows so nicely.

I tried on Jack's Renji kimono, just to see if I could borrow that, but Jack is HUGE apparently. I would borrow Keidy's Bleach costume, but she lives out in boofoo and I don't know when I'd be able to go find her/pick it up.

And Jen said no to the Ichigo wig, and I respect her wish. It's a very styled wig, the chances of it getting ruined in my suitcase are rather high. She said we could have the sword, but I don't think I'm going to be able to be Ichigo in time. If you want it, Dana, I can still get it, but it HAS to come back with us because she wants it for her party the following weekend. Besides, how many Bleach cosplayers will there be? A billion, mark my words. I maaaay still bring Urahara. If I can fix up the glaring mistakes I had with it and figure out a way to bring my cane.

Or, on a different note, I still have my Jin costume. Granted, my hair isn't long enough or black enough, but my Vinny wig should work out well for that. The only thing would be the swords, which I think are shit-tastic to begin with. I just won't bring them and claim I sold them to buy food :) I could possibly even get his glasses as my own perscrption ones, seeing as how my HP glasses are on the dying side. Yay for dedication!cosplay.

Or should I say 'fuck it' to all things anime and just do Jack and Harry? I am rather sick of the anime crowd lately, and since PotC2 did just come out it wouldn't be too out of place. I found a picture of Toby's baldric, so I now have an idea on how to make Jack's bauldric, which is not that hard in the slightest. I could even make the buckle out of foamie! ^_^

But the only issue I have is his boots. No way am I buying $350 boots just for YCon and possibly for PotC3 premiere. Not only that, but the ones I want take 6 months to make and are made to order x_x. I could try and cover a thrift store pair, but in my experience, making any type of boot cover never worked out well. Unless my fine cosplay friends have any tips?

Why can't someone pay me to make costumes? I need a sponsor, that's what I need! Y'know, like race car drivers have sponsors. But ... it's not like we get paid to win costume contests :P

Hehe, I totally got a L33T check today from my stock dividends. $13.37, fuck yeah that's awesome.

Oh no, look what I've done. I've filled your friends page with my boring costume rants. So sorry. Not!

I wish I could stop being so anal about costumes ...
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Oh just fucking great. Narrate, the people putting on PR, has already taken Chicago in 2008 for another symposium, and they're doing it at the Hilton. I was really looking forward to helping out HPEF with their bid, this is not nice to have the bomb dropped like this. I don't know if I'm going to stay on, I may still help out with graphic design stuff, but this just really urks me.

*sigh* I feel ... well, on top of being crampy and completely irrate today ... depressed.

At least work was called off because of a power outage in the strip mall. Good waste of 2 hours there.

So I fixed Urahara, but I'm thinking that the fabric I used to make the top and pants is NOT the right choice. It's super clingy and I don't like it at all. I'm pissed about that too, because now I want to get a different, proper fabric, but I don't think I'll have the time to make a whole new green outfit. The coat is fine, but the green stuff just looks horrible.

And my mom won't stop staring at me and I'm about ready to punch her in the fucking face.

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