September 29th, 2006


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I think I've finally decided on what I'm bringing to YaoiCon. I know I keep telling myself that I should update it, but it's the fun of being Jack Sparrow, the fact that I can be drunk in that costume and still be in character that has me in all sorts of happiness. I'm bringing my coat and hat this time, and I plan on hitting up Murray's for some crepe hair tomorrow to test out a real beard, as well as possibly throwing together a bauldric. So, herophelia, you now know who I'm going to be, plan your make up accordingly :)

So, we had inspection at work today. We failed our first one so Lou had to come back and check us out again after some adjustments. We passed by 2 points, but I thought we could've done a lot better had someone told me how to do some of the things we lost points on. On top of that, we had scratches in the printer, meaning pictures were coming out scratched, which is unacceptable. Cleaning that up requires SO MUCH fucking time and effort, I'm just so glad that I'm not due in until Monday. A whole FUCKING WEEKEND without work. God damn that feels so good.

Tomorrow I've got plans to get fabric, as well as I've been invited to Jenni's cousin's party. It's a posh party, which means I have to get dolled up, which is something I haven't done in a LONG time. I still have to find something to wear -_- I seriously don't have good dressy shoes ... I might just wear flip flops.
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